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  It is with great joy and gratitude that I welcome you to my website and share the transformative work I am so passionate about. I utilize a unique type of communication that produces extraordinary results in the lives of the humans and animals that I work with. Since 1997, I have had the great pleasure to experience the exciting developments and breakthroughs of my clients through two distinct areas of my work, including: Telepathic Communication with Animals, Plants, Insects & the Earth, and Intuitive - Transformational Coaching . I enjoy working with clients from around the world.

"Thanks again for everything, Maia. I so appreciate the amazing work you're doing in the world." K.P.

"Because of you my life will never be the same. In the best way! Thank you!!!!! K.V.

"Thank YOU so so much! you are a consummate professional and I cannot describe how you have helped me. I am so grateful for this extra generosity of yours to write me this email. I cried when i read it. Thank you so much for honoring me and helping me." K.S.

Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication Cody Maia Kincaid Also known as animal whisperer, pet whisper, pet psychic, animal psychic, animal intuitive..

There is nothing like talking with an animal directly to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. I communicate telepathically with people's pets from around the world. In consultations we have the opportunity to talk with your pet or large animal about their health, behaviors, their unique dietary needs, their history and their preferences for daily living. We can also ask questions about bringing a new pet into the home, transitions including divorce or separation of humans. And, I frequently communicate with pets with regard to preferences in the transition of death. I also talk with pets and people who have passed on. They are always available to us.

Talking with an animal directly is a powerful way to provide exactly what they desire, what they need, and what is in their highest good. And, besides that, animals have the most amazing and enlightening things to share with us about their way of viewing and living life, and they have great wisdom to share with us on living our own unique lives.  

I communicate telepathically with all species of animals large and small including; wild animals, whales, dolphins, insects, plants and the Earth.  It brings me great joy to inspire and guide others in awakening their own innate animal and nature listening abilities through my Telepathic Animal and Nature Communication Classes and a Certification Program in Telepathic Animal Communication. I work with veterinarians and other animal specialists training them in animal communication as a powerful tool to add to the already profound difference they make for people and their pets. And, I have the ongoing joy of training animal and Nature lovers and upcoming Telepathic Animal Communication Specialists in animal and Nature communication and coaching them on the development of their fulfilling lives and new careers. Over the years I have been so touched and inspired by my experience communicating with our neighbors of Nature that I published four books with my favorite conversations. I am currently writing a fifth book.

Communication with Children of all ages

I work with children assisting them in all realms of their lives, including the discovery of their natural talent in animal and nature listening. I also communicate with autistic children and adults and people with other extraordinary circumstances. In addition, I assist parents in working with their children. 

Communication with Plants, Insects and the Earth

I love working with people who love plants, including gardeners, biologists, agronomists, consultants and growers guiding them in the awakening and enhancement of their plant, insect and Earth communication abilities. Telepathic communication with plants, insects and the Earth is absolutely fascinating and so informative in ways we would never imagine. As you can tell I love this work!

Intuitive and Transformational Coaching

I particularly love mentoring fellow humans in experiencing the profound fulfillment of living as their true and unique expression on the planet - and, loving every minute of it! And, I enjoy knowing the difference they make in the lives of others simply by being their authentic self, creating and expressing freely. I work with people in all realms of life, for instance; having ones business be a true reflection in daily operation to their vision and the fulfillment of what they are out to accomplish. Relationships are taken to new places of ease and joy, including the relationship with oneself. Health and well-being, creative fulfillment and navigating daily challenges with ease are all areas transformed through our telephone coaching sessions.

Communication with Cells, Organs and Tissues

I also communicate with cells and organs of our physical bodies. And, I enjoy working with people to awaken their own listening abilities to assist them in work in the medical or therapeutic fields or simply to have a deeper connection with the life in and around us. 

Other Passions

I am currently writing my fifth book. Besides writing, I love doing art, hiking and exploring in the Red Rocks and sleeping under the stars. I enjoy playing my Native American flute especially when I am out at the barn or out on the trail. I love taking photographs and making films. I had so much fun producing a short film in 2010 to honor the work of a wonderful dog rescue organization that made a difference for many dogs and people in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina  - Tara's Babies. 

I live in Sedona, Arizona with my sweetheart Dev, my wonderful mentor horse, Delight and Princess goat Chanella and some Sea Monkeys.


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interspecies communication, personal development, life coaching
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